The Artwork

الفنجان الأول للهيف والثاني للضيف والثالث للكيف والرابع للسيف

The meaning:

For centuries, Arab culture and coffee have been intertwined. Introduced into Arab society hundreds of years before Europe’s introduction to coffee, coffee played a central role in Arab society.

Coffee houses became places of intellectual discourse and sharing a cup of coffee was a sign of hospitality and a way to welcome guests. Odes to coffee became a part of Arab poetry and traditional proverbs like the one drawn on our own wall at Finjan – meaning coffee cup in Arabic.

“The first finjan (cup) is for the maker, the second is for the guest, the third is for pleasure, and the fourth is for the sword

When the coffee is brewed, the first cup goes to the maker to ensure the coffee has been brewed to perfection prior to serving to the guests.

The second cup is served to the guest, as a sign of the host’s hospitality. When the coffee is served over an important meeting or proposal, the guest’s consumption of the coffee implies an acceptance of the terms discussed in the meeting.

The third cup is for pleasure, indicating the gathering has become one of pleasure as everyone enjoys their time and each other’s company

Once the fourth cup is poured, bonds are formed and the guest has joined the host’s family with the obligation to defend them.

The proverb highlights our own commitment to hospitality and to brewing the perfect cup of coffee each time. Ultimately, we hope you come to share a cup of coffee with us and stay long enough to become family.